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Child Custody

Children are one of the most common factors that make any divorce complicated. Regardless of what’s going on with their parents, kids deserve the love and care of both parents. This helps them grow up to be independent, successful adults.

How Does Divorce Effect Child Custody?

When a divorce doesn’t involve children, the two parties simply determine how to separate assets and debts and move on with their lives. However, when you add children to the mix, parents must remain, to some degree, in each other’s lives until the kids are adults.

This means collaborating on decisions that effect the minor. They’ll need to engage during visitation exchanges and raising the child as a while. When both parties are at least amicable to one another, this makes life easier on the children.

In Texas, the needs of the kids are the most important factor in divorces. The goal of the presiding judge is to create a situation where parents can work together so the children thrive.

Child custody is one of the most important factors judges consider during divorce proceedings involving kids. Where the child will live is top priority. The parents will no longer live together. So, the children are left living with a custodial parent who provides the primary residence. And the other parent receives visitations.

Gender is no longer taken into account these days when it comes to child custody cases. It’s more about the parent who took on the primary parenting responsibilities during the marriage. Having a Houston custody attorney ensures your truth is heard in court, so you get a fair ruling.

Custodial Parent vs. Noncustodial Parent

In divorces with children involved, there will always be a custodial parent and a noncustodial parent. There is a huge difference between the two.

1. Custodial Custody

In these divorces, the children reside primarily with the custodial parent. This person is responsible for making legal decisions related to the child, including education and medical care.

2. Noncustodial Custody

If the court orders a person the noncustodial parent, that means this person has visitation rights with the kids. This parent is usually ordered to pay child support to help cover the costs the custodial parent incurs raising the children.

Determining Child Custody in Divorces

During divorces involving children, both parents are advised to hire their own individual attorneys. That’s the best way to ensure that your interests are best represented in court.

The judge may rule that the noncustodial parent gets the kids every other weekend, every weekend or for entire summers. There are even more creative cases where essentially, the children get custody of the home. In these situations, the kids stay put while the parents switch homes regularly. Collaborating with your ex-spouse is the most effective way to do what’s best for the children.

Child custody is not something you should go to court and tackle alone. A Houston custody attorney will represent you, so your interests are not only heard, but taken seriously in court. Contact us to discuss your Houston child custody case today.