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Child Support Termination

Even after divorce, it’s best to remain co-parents in raising the children. As a parent, you and your previous spouse are obligated to staying involved in your kids’ lives, as well as supporting them financially.

One parent is almost always custodial custody, meaning their home is there the kids live primarily. This leaves the noncustodial parent paying child support to cover their part in the financial care of the children. Once the become adults, the order for child support is terminated.

Reasons to Terminate Child Support

Generally, child support is terminated when a child is legally an adult. In the US, that’s the age of 18. At this point, the “child” is no longer entitled to resources provided by parents.

Sometimes, the divorce agreement will require that payments be made until after high school graduation. It may include college tuition assistance and other forms of support. If the child is disabled, it may be impossible to find gainful employment and provide self-care. In such cases, the support may continue after the age of 18.

There are other reasons for terminating child support. If the child enlists in the military, gets married, adopted or emancipated, court-ordered support is automatically terminated. If the noncustodial parent dies, or the child does, this also terminates the support paid by the parent.

If you’re not sure when it should be terminated, a Houston child support termination attorney can help.

Different Types of Child Support

Noncustodial parents may be required to provide other types of support to their children, including medical insurance, as part of their payments. In the US, kids can remain on the healthcare plans of parents until they turn 26. This may be ordered by the court.

In cases of divorces involving multiple children, the amount of child support ordered can fluctuate as the kids age. It’s not always wise to instantly stop one child’s support at 18 when there are still other minors involved. The best route is to consult a Houston child support attorney to assist with modifying your court order.

Raising your kids as a teach with your previous spouse can be a difficult part of getting divorced. This is especially true if you prefer having no contact with one another. But you have to communicate with each other and work together at least until all the children turn 18.

A decade after the divorce is final, the kids may have all grown up and left home. Although emotional, this should be a time filled with pride, looking toward the future. Don’t mess it all up by terminating child support without legal advice. The judge will want to be sure your children are prepared to care for themselves without your support.

Do you pay child support to your previous spouse as the noncustodial parent of child about to turn 18? If so, you need to know both your obligations and rights when it comes to terminating the order. Contact your local Houston child support termination lawyer for the legal advice you need today.