Choosing a Lawyer

The most important decision that you’ll make throughout the course of your divorce is deciding who will represent you in court.

The family court system is a massive industry, and many lawyers are simply in the business in order to get a piece of that money. They don’t have your best interests in court, they just want to get your case through the court in order to collect their legal fees. They might want to prove their own ability in court in order to get a promotion or a new job offer.

A lawyer that you can really trust is the best asset that you can have to make sure that your divorce proceeds in the best possible way. When your family and your children are at stake, you need someone who understands how important that is. We recognize that your children need a custody agreement that has their best interests at heart, and that you might need a child support or alimony agreement that will also help you to move forward into your best possible life.

We understand that the best option is often not the option that’s the most lucrative for your lawyer. In many cases, mediation is the best choice because it gives you and your former spouse to come to an agreement that works the best for your unique situation. Mediation allows you to talk through your marriage and separation, and determine how you would like to split up assets and debts as well as any benefits that you might be entitled to (such as a military pension) going forward. Mediation rarely results in the same fees for your lawyer, but it often has the best results for the people who are really important in your divorce: your family.

When you’re choosing a lawyer, you don’t want to just choose someone who has a fancy degree or many years of experience. You need to choose someone who you can trust, someone who has been proven to have the best interests of their clients at heart.

At Merchant Law Firm, we believe in putting you and your interests first. We care more about making sure that you are happy with the final results of your divorce than our own profits. We have spent years helping people through their divorces, and are proud to say that many of our clients come from referrals from happy former clients.

We understand that your divorce probably isn’t a happy situation. We know that ending a marriage can be incredibly painful, and you will also need to figure out a whole new plan for your future. We want to help you through that process, and help you find success as you move forward.

If you want a lawyer that you can trust, give us a call at Merchant Law Firm. You can count on us to have your best interests at heart, and to give you advice that will help you end your marriage in a way that gives you the best possible start to the rest of your life.

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