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In a perfect world, most people move on to create news lives after divorce. These people make promises to start anew in a good place. But, as we know, the world isn’t perfect.

Court Orders Enforce Divorce Decrees

There are times when one spouse refuses to follow the rules laid out in the divorce decree. This could be disobeying child custody rules, child support orders, debt repayments, even failure to divide certain financial assets.

When this happens, the other party needs to hire an attorney to take the previous spouse back to court. In these cases, only the divorce judge can enforce the decree.

We understand how stressful this can be, especially considering you thought you were completely done with the entire divorce process. This can lead to anger toward the other party. But you have to take it to a legal forum to get results.

Working with a Houston divorce decree enforcement lawyer is a wise choice when you want results fast. Rest assured that your local attorney will help you get that decree enforced so you can move on with your life.

Reasons to Enforce a Divorce Decree

If your spouse was ordered to pay off a debt in the decree and fails to do so, you need enforcement. Once you find the party in contempt of court, there’s generally one more chance to follow the court order. Failure to do so may lead to jail time. The judge may also take the individual’s property and sell it, so the debt can be paid.

When children are involved, the rules are much different. It’s always best if the two parties can come together and co-parent cordially. But, if one party refuses to follow the custody orders made by the courts, this can be traumatizing to you and the children.

In other cases, previous spouses have been known to cut off court-ordered visits with the kids. The first step experts recommend is working with a mediator to resolve the issue. If this doesn’t work. You need to file a contempt of court action. Judges can adjust these orders and even grant you a make-up visit with your child.

Refusing to pay child support is another issue that may need enforcement. If your spouse refuses to pay, you need to take it back to court to receive all the past, present and future support you need to take care of your children. The judge may even garnish your previous spouses wages. That way, the money now goes directly to you every single paycheck.

In such cases, hiring an attorney is an effective way to get your court decree enforced. You must follow the correct legal steps to get the outcome you desire. A Houston divorce decree enforcement lawyer will fight hard to help you take your previous spouse back to court to have your divorce decree enforced by a judge.

Never take on this battle alone. You need a Houston divorce decree enforcement lawyer to represent you. Contact us about helping you enforce your Houston divorce decree today.