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Noncustodial Parent

In most cases, spouses move apart after getting divorced. If children are involved, one parent will be granted custodial custody, providing the home where they will live primarily. This custodial parent is legally responsible for making decisions on the children’s behalf.

The other parent of these kids is known as the noncustodial parent, who’s role is also very important. Children deserve to grow up with strong, healthy relationships with both parents. Not living with the noncustodial parent does not diminish the importance of that parent in the children’s lives.

Such decisions are made during the divorce process. That’s also when decisions related to visitation and child support are made.

Noncustodial Parents Have Rights

In Texas, noncustodial parents do not have rights when it comes to making legal decisions related to the kids. Yet, they do have some legal rights.

For example, deciding where the child resides is the legal choice of the custodial parent. However, negotiating the distance is the right of the noncustodial parent who will want the children close enough to maintain visitation.

Noncustodial parents have equal rights over some choices and decisions related to the children’s education. They are legally allowed to attend parent-teacher conferences, school plays, sports events and participate in various activities at the children’s schools.

The courts believe a noncustodial parent has the right to spend quality time with the kids. This should be laid out in the divorce agreement, scheduling and all. Your Houston noncustodial custody attorney will help you negotiate a fair custody agreement that meets the best interests of the kids.

Noncustodial Parents Have Responsibilities

In most cases, a noncustodial parent will be ordered by the court to pay child support. This helps to cover the day-to-day costs the custodial parent incurs caring for the kids. Sometimes, the judge will even order that some of the child support be put aside to pay for college tuition.

Child support is completely separate from visitation. The custodial parent may not deny visits with the noncustodial parent due to non-payment of child support.

A noncustodial parent can make medical decisions for the children when they’re in that parent’s physical care. In cases of medical emergencies, both parents are required to notify the other. This parent also has the right to voice concerns and opinions related to the children’s religious and educational upbringing.

Do you feel as if you’re losing your parental rights? Your local Houston noncustodial custody attorney can assist you. Your children deserve to have you in their lives. Therefore, your rights are very important.

It can be a bit tricky being a noncustodial parent. Feeling like you’re being squeezed out of your kids’ lives is no way to live. You do have parental rights that entitle you to make certain decision regarding your children.

But don’t try to tackle this legal battle over your children alone. Get legal assistance from a local Houston custody attorney you can trust. Contact Merchant Law Firm to discuss your rights as a noncustodial parent today.