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Protective Order

Are you a victim of domestic violence who feels trapped in the situation? Well, you have a way out. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1 (800) 799-7233 for immediate assistance. As soon as you’re safe, time to get yourself a protective order.

Houston protective orders are put in place to protect people from others wanting to bring harm to them. Oftentimes, this is an abusive partner.

We understand it is incredibly difficult coming to grips with the fact that the person you love is a danger to you. But your safety should always be top priority.

Protective Orders in Texas

In Texas, a person can get a temporary protective order, good for no more than 20 days. There are also general orders. These are commonly called restraining orders, which last up to two years.

They are usually granted to prevent stalking, human trafficking, sexual assault and family violence. Texas law counts family as those related by blood, marriage, foster children, co-parents, ex-spouses and anyone else who’s ever resided in the household.

Enjoin orders are very strict, prohibiting contact of any kind. When granted against abusive parents, protective orders can keep them from contacting the kids. There may also be court-ordered counseling involved.

To get a protective order in Texas, any adult household member must file in you or the offender’s county of residence. The Department of Human and Regulatory Services or your Houston protective order attorney can file the paperwork on your behalf.

How to File a Protective Order in Texas

The Texas courts require certain information to complete a protective order filing. You must provide the victims’ full names and the county where each one lives. The full names of the offenders, their relationships to the victims and the violence suffered must be reported.

Filing a protective order in Texas is free, although the offender may incur some costs. After filing a petition, expect a court hearing in no more than two weeks. If you are in immediate danger, an ex parte order may be granted by the court. It becomes effective immediately.

The best way to handle someone who violates a protective order is to call the police. This piece of paper gives law enforcement the right to place the offender under arrest. It’s a crime to violate the order, which can result in both jail time and hefty fines.

If you, your child or someone in your family has been victims of violence within the family structure, a protective order can help. For assistance completing the paperwork and obtaining the order, let your local Houston protective order lawyer assist you, because the safety of your family is your top priority.

A protective order lawyer from Merchant Law Firm will also help you take the proper steps when an order is not being followed. Let your local attorney represent you in court so you get the protective order you need fast.

Keep your family safe the legal way. Contact us about filing your protective order in Houston today.