Why does family law attract so many pretenders?

What do most people think about attorneys? Well, although many think of the phrase “untrustworthy,” while the mass thinks of “very well-educated professionals. And in most cases, that’s exactly what they are, to a certain degree.

Dabbling in Law VS Dabbling in Medicine

The average lawyer spends three years in law school. Then, it’s straight to taking the bar, bypassing residency programs and apprenticeships other professionals are famous for requiring.

This includes the Medical Doctorate (M.D.), where students must go through rigorous processes to enter and graduate medical school. They are then thrust into 4-year training periods and four or more years of residencies.

Many consider degrees held by doctors and lawyers to be the top two major degrees held be professionals. But when you look at the way they’re trained, one is much easier to acquire than the other. Mentally stable people don’t try to operate on themselves to correct broken bones. So, why would rational people attempt to legally represent themselves in courts?

This is one reason law has become a de facto go-to profession for many US students who can’t find work after graduating from colleges and universities. No one ever makes a last ditch decision to just go to law school. But some students have been known to dabble in law.

And that creates a major problem for the legal industry. This is driving law away from being a profession for statesmen, as US President #2, Attorney John Adams, once called it.

How Does ‘Dabbling’ Hurt Family Law?

According to the stats, there are double the number of law licenses compared to medical licenses. But less than half of those doctors have direct contact with patients.

To be fair, there are requirements that allow lawyers to become Board Certified in specific areas of law. But there’s no proof these professionals are any more competent than the others. Many have the knowledge and skills to succeed in various specialties. They simply don’t want to deal with the many requirements to become certified.

At any given time, thousands of attorneys choose to practice… or rather dabble in family law. Due to economic downfalls, many attorneys have been forced to change specialties. Family law, being a consistent industry, has become a go-to field for lawyers trying to make quick cash.

They are simply dabblers in the family law arena. I’ve met a few during my career as an attorney. This industry can’t afford to continue failing the general public.

Over the years, I’ve prided myself on being a very well-respected, ethical family law attorney. It’s my duty to ensure that parents and children are not failed by a system that puts money before people.

It’s my goal to provide families with the legal aid and support they need to come through court cases healthy and strong.

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